What to do when your body is wrecked from the repetitive stress movements of court reporting for 18 years...

So I'm at that point that my body is just about to give up from the physical stresses of cr'g for so long. Anybody else have this problem? I now dread going to a depo bc I know I'm going to be in pain all day while typing away. I've spent thousands of dollars on docs, chiropractors, stretch constantly, exercise, take advils, aleve, and I really don't think I can do it much longer at this pace. The pain and discomfort can bring me to tears.

I'm not sure what else to do. I've written a screenplay and some song lyrics. Gonna try to sell those, but of course that's fantasy land, and I have to be practical. I'm giving myself till the end of this year to make a change. Also I got to play a court reporter on a TV show last month that airs this summer. No speaking part, but it was a blast! I definitely want to pursue that some more.

But what really sux is court reporting is such good money. I live very comfortably now. I'm 41, single, no kids, good savings, but in order to make a career change, I have to move out of my expensive townhome.

Sorry for the long vent, but I'm wondering if anyone else is going through the same thing as me and what you did or are doing about it. Also maybe anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of the pain?

Another thing... It really is gonna be hard to downsize and live in a crappy, probably tiny apartment again like I did when I was in my 20s, but I gotta make a change. No sugar daddy for me, no husband to fall back on. Tough times...

Thanks for listening :-)

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Yes, referral from someone who uses one.  Where do you live, maybe someone on her might have a referral

That's why I only work three days a week so I don't have to take these drugs all the time, because I realize they are not good for you.  I eat super healthy, mostly fish and vegetables and fruit.  I changed my diet a year and a half ago.  I seriously live on tomatoes and avocado - love the stuff.

I take the fish oil pills too. Also try to drink more water.  I'm really bad about that part.  Boy, Kerry, you take a ton of vitamin-type pills.  Doubt I could remember to take all of that.

Well, I don't take the tumeric, devils claw and bromelain all the time, just when I have a flareup going on.  Tomatoes are in the nightshade family, eggplant, potatoes, bell peppers, which can aggravate inflammation in a lot of people.   So I'd easy on these foods.

Stephanie:  Just curious, when the acupuncturist got rid of some of the burning and tingling and pain, did they use electric current stimulation of any kind or just needles?

Here's a great website that talks about diet and healing a leaky gut, which tons of people have today.  Leaky gut must be healed first to really reduce inflammation.  I'm starting a new protocol on that myself now.


And I struggle with which way is best or right, eating fruits and beans which both have great benefits for us and doing this sort of lean protein and veggies diet that eliminates beans and legumes and too much fruit.  But I do believe that dairy and grains are a big source of inflammation.  I guess once you heal the gut you could then tolerate beans and more fruits.  But I think dairy is problematic for most people, except for maybe yogurt. 

He used the electric stimulation on the needles.  It took about 3 sessions.  It was such a relief because it allowed me to sleep

Stephanie, where did he put the needles mostly, arms, legs, all over?

Well, he would put them in weird places that wouldn't make sense, like ankles/feet, but he would also put them in areas where he would feel the knots or tightness, so I would have them in my upper back, neck, shoulders, arms.  Initially I went for 3 weeks twice a week, then once every 2 weeks, then if I had a bad reaggravation, i would go back.  I'm still having the tight muscle/ache issues, but it relieved the severe pain and burning I was having and released the tightness in my neck.  I could hardly turn my head from side to side or shoulder to shoulder. just from sitting in that one position we sit in for so long.  And since I work exclusively on my laptop, I had to get a rollerball mouse and an external keyboard to put myself in a better position than hunched over with arms up high on the keyboard for hours. I'm terrible about making dr/dds/haircut/massage you name it appts, it' such a pain in the arse, so I'm 2 appts behind on massages

Figures, just my luck a food I absolutely love - tomatoes - can cause inflammation.  Go figure?

Well, tomatoes are really good for you, but they are a nightshade family that sometimes is problematic for some.  And tomatoes are GMO often if you don't buy them organic.  When my sister got totally of gluten for more than a year, she was able to handle the nightshades with no problem.  She has a great website.


  But she and I don't agree on some things.  She's pretty set in her opinions, especially about eating animal and I for one am not one of these people that does well without lean, preferably grass fed, been and organic chicken and fish.  I don't do well with soy, grains or bean.

Thanks, Kerry.  I'll check into all of that.

I totally agree with the advice here.  I just got an ALTO tripod from Stenograph for my Diamante.  I've been standing while writing in court!  It's pretty cool.  I get fatigued sitting for long periods of time.  The stand can be a little wobbly, but I think I can get used to that.  I don't have a light touch!  Anyway, as far as the artistic side, that's my dream too, but it's hard to get there if you don't have a stable income too.  Good luck!


Dear Michelle,

Apart from the advice others have given ... you should look into chinese nei-gong practices.  This can be a very good taichi study or any number of the chi-kung practices that are widely available throughout the country.  The most relevant practice for court reporters would be Ba-qua or better yet 'Fukien White Crane' as this practice specifically strengthens the hands and fingers as well as all other major tendons in the body.  It was created by a woman ... alias, she was not a court reporter!

 As a cameraman, I can attest to the values these studies impart ... especially relating to tactile stress.  Many of my colleagues who are much younger than I have fallen to serious back trouble and a number of them have turned to these practices to correct their conditions.  

all the best

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