I recently took the CA CSR, and I'm waiting for my results. While waiting for them, I thought I would make a list of questions to ask when I go interview for various agencies (I would like to start off doing depos). This lead me to wonder what I should be looking for in general, when it comes to selecting an agency.

To any depo reporters out there, what criterion did you look for in a potential workplace? What made you select the agency you eventually ended up with instead of the others you interviewed at?

What questions should I be asking the agency when I go interview with them?

What are some good things to look for in an agency? Would there be any potential red flags that would indicate to me to not work for a certain place? If so, what are they?

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The most important thing for me is to find someone who will help you in the beginning. Try to find a firm owned by a CSR who is willing to answer your questions and guide you a little bit. Some firms are willing to train new reporters. A lot of firms wouldn't even know how to do that or be willing to do that.


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