This question is to everyone.  I had an expert witness giving a narrative answer and at the end of his narrative, the questioning attorney asked him what did he mean by "fees way high," which is what the expert said but he didn't recall saying it nor the context of it so I was asked to find the word "fees" and begin reading from that point.  I found it and began reading.  The witness got up from his seat, knelt down beside my computer screen and began reading along with me so I stopped reading (because I didn't see the point in both of us reading it) and he continued reading until he was satisfied that he understood the context in which he said the word "fees." 

My question is I'm not sure how I should phrase my parenthetical since we were both reading and then I stopped and he continued.  I've never had a witness do that before.  It felt really odd having the witness reading along with me.  That's why I stopped.  I normally do my parentheticals as (Whereupon, the record was read by the court reporter as follows:) and then I insert the entire answer.  Thanks in advance.

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I'd use the same parenthetical you always do but dash it off at the point you stopped reading.  I assume the witness was reading to himself your screen.  Maybe a parenthetical following the read-back parenthetical (Witness reading the court reporter's realtime screen.)

Thank you, Marge, for your reply.  No, this expert was reading out loud.  That's what threw me.  I've had witnesses come and view my screen silently but this is the first time the witness actually read out loud as I was reading. It was so weird!  I didn't like it.

If it's a video, maybe the parenthetical would be (Witness reading out loud his prior answer.)  or some such.

If no video, then my first suggestion.  "Reading" could be either silent or out loud so you're covered, I'd think.

The voice of wisdom.  Thank you, Marge!

My pleasure, Jannette.

If I were you, I would put into the record (Record read by the reporter as follows:  and then add what you read and then dash it whereupon you put:

    THE WITNESS:  --"and then here put where he picks up what he's reading from your screen."

That seems the best way to make it be very clear what is happening between when you're reading and then he cuts you off to read from your screen. 

Thanks for replying, Kelli.  

I put (Whereupon, the record was read as follows: ), so it doesn't matter...


Or, (Record read) is another good one... done.


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