Okay. The other thread titled "She said what?" has me a little confused now.

I'm doing a hearing where the man says things like "we never really seen each other" and "it was just I never really ever seen her." Should I [sic] this guy or just leave it as is? A part of me feels that it's not up to me to correct his grammar, but just leave it as it is with this one. Let me know what you think. Before I would just leave it as is, but now I'm second-guessing myself.

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I would leave it as is. It is a pretty common grammatical error unfortunately!
Thanks, Jill! You're the bomb! ;)
You're welcome, Jessica!
I only use sic to show an obvious mistake, such as a wrong year or name, something that could look like a typo or a reporting error, or something misquoted, not common grammatical or usage mistakes.
Thanks, Brenda. I was thinking that, but wasn't so sure for a minute. lol
I agree with Jill, Jessica. Maybe if a very very educated person with a Ph.D. said that and it was videotaped, I'd put [sic]. And if this educated person was nice and not an arrogant motormouth, MAYBE I'd correct it if it wasn't video. But educated people NEVER say "I seen" so it's a moot point!

Thanks, guys, for the input! :) Sometimes I get so scared to ask questions on here for fear that I come off totally ignorant. HA!

I actually would use [sic] the first time the word "seen" is used incorrectly. And it is precisely the reason Brenda gives, i.e., because it could look like a typo. Because the word "seen" should be "see," I would want to make sure that I let the reader know that this reporter did not have a typo.

Unfortunately, I know intelligent people who do misspeak especially in stressful situations. However, if this error was made by a judge, I would correct it in a hearbeat.

Bubbie Karen


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