I am not quite sure which writer would be suitable for work. The Stentura Protege or the Pro Cat Flash?


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Hi, Kwanna.

I would say that the Protege is not quite ready for being used to do professional work.

The biggest limitation the writer has is that 50 page memory. How can you do a 200 page dep with a 50 page memory?

Sure, you could clear the memory (and, if you're using student software, open a new file!), but if you have the ProCAT Flash, you could go on for another 500 pages before the writer runs out of memory ... and if you're using digitalCAT, your software would keep up with your writer (no page limit -- even for students!).

While it is true that Stenograph will offer you $1,000 off of your next writer when you trade in your Protege, if you buy a refurbished ProCAT Flash, you can just outright buy another writer later -- and keep the Flash as a backup (or a loaner, if need be).

Taking advantage of Stenograph's offer would leave you (yet again) with just ... one ... writer.

I'm sure by now you have read my review of my ProCAT Flash, but if you haven't, you should! While I don't mention the Protege in there (it wasn't around when I wrote the article), the memory problem still holds true, as does the trade-in conundrum.

To sum up: While you can use a Protege on the job, that does not necessarily mean that you should! Go for the Flash!

"For a Good (steno) Time ..."
Just to clear up some things, the Protege is a "student writer" therefore allowing a 50 page memory. It is meant as a student writer and allows the student to receive $1000 credit when they are ready to purchase a "professional writer". So for a student it is the best deal because you invest $1620 and then in a couple of years you get $1000 credit towards a new writer. But it is meant for students not professionals. Not pushing any writers but just to clear up information. Also when you purchase a writer you do get a warranty and in that you get a loaner if you need one, so that should not leave you high and dry without a writer. I would always suggest to do your research and do your homework and trust your instincts. Good luck
I have had the SAME ProCat Flash for my entire 14 years as a reporter and an additional 3 years while I was still in school. The new Flash I'm sure has some of the features I don't have. I have never had a problem/issue with it and ProCat is a great company to work with (tech support on software or machine) when you need them. I highly recommend them and their products.
As I understand it, the Protege is a student machine; not meant for work outside of what you would do in class.

If you want to compare the Flash to something for court work, a more direct comparison would be with the Stentura; maybe not even the lx ones. Since Lisa's Flash is 14 years old and it was built for Court/Depo work it is a closer comparison to something older. Are you looking for a used machine?
This is my second Flash writer, not that there was anything wrong with the first one. It was because the ONE day, ONE DAY, I became complacent, thinking, "I'll just run up to the office really quick and be right back," that I left my bag in the back seat of a rental car, and the danged thing got broken into and stolen. It's not like whatever bum stole my stuff would know what the heck it was when s/he opened it up, but I ordered another Flash the very next day. I've never had any complaints about it. I actually love it.

It used to come with two PCMCIA cards (memory cards) that held about 750 pages each card. When I ordered the replacement Flash, the new card holds 1500 pages! Nice! I definitely would recommend the Flash! I can write for days before I run out of memory! :)
duh......advice! A-D-V-I-C-E


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