Just curious to know which states recognize voice writers? (steno mask)

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I work for a firm here in Columbia, South Carolina where being a steno writer is the minority! We have about 11 girls and all but four of us are mask writers. I came from Florida where I had never even seen or heard of one. It's a very regional thing, I guess. Good luck to you in your job hunting!
Are you saying being a steno writer is the minority in your city or that's just the way it is in the firm you work for? That's a big difference.
NCRA reports 24 states and the District of Columbia recognize mask reporters. Machine steno writers are accepted in every state. A mask reporter is limited in employment as far as region, obviously referenced by the fact that only 24 states and the District of Columbia accept that method. It's VERY rare, if true at all, that steno writers are the minority in an overall court reporting community. Maybe it's true (but I seriously doubt it) in the smaller cities and rural communities because they have a hard time employing steno writers because steno writers opt to go to the larger cities and areas where there's more lucrative income because there are plenty of jobs and bigger salaries. Georgia, Kansas and Missouri are states I know that employ mask reporters. The best thing to do would be to refer to the individual job posting to see if a mask reporter is acceptable.
Jill, most states recognize and certify voice writers. You can probably get that specific information from nvra.org.
Jill's question is not necessarily only related to which states "recognize and certify" mask reporters. She is inquiring specifically about in which states she can actually find employment, totally different issue. I don't know how anyone can say "most" states recognize and certify mask reporters when only half the states do -- 24 states isn't most -- but I guess that's a matter of opinion of what one considers "most".


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