Why is my ranking going down, down, down instead of up, up, up?

Could somebody explain the ranking system to me? I don't want to bother Monti when he's so busy doing the upgrade.

Shouldn't my ranking slowly increase the more I come here and the more I blog, comment, make friends, post discussions, answer questions, et cetera? Why is my ranking going down each day instead of up?

I know the ranking really doesn't matter, and I probably shouldn't care at all. I mean, I've never posted anything for the purpose of increasing my ranking. I come here because it's a great place to get questions answered, help out a fellow reporter, and otherwise just blow off steam or enjoy networking with other reporters. Still, maybe it's the overachiever in me, but I feel like I'm getting a bad grade or something. I don't like it. Somebody explain, please!

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Monti is a very handsome man.
I'll share some of my points with you, Sharla. ;)

To me it just means I have a big mouth and am not afraid to use it. :)

BUT I agree, Marge.

With big muscles too. He's a sensitive cat lover who loves the arts and works his a$$ off to make us all happy . . .

He's just a great guy!

(That should rack 'em up!)
I didn't know that. :)
Well, let's just say I'm exposed to learning something new every day. If it gets into the memory bank, it's a good day. :)
Thanks for your help, Stephanie. I clicked on the trophy cup and see where it keeps track of your number of blogs and discussions and so forth, but I don't see an explanation of how one loses points. Where exactly is that?

It seems like I've been earning points just fine, but then if I'm not on here for a day or two, I come back and see that my score has gone down. I know it probably doesn't matter and it's my own hangup about feeling like I'm getting a bad grade. I just wish that the points I've earned would stay there. I LOVE this place and come on here as often as I can, but when I have a busy week and have transcripts to get out, then my score goes down and I'm ranked as a worse CSR. ??? It just doesn't sit right with me.

Oh, well. I wish I could make the little ranking thing disappear from my page so it wouldn't bug me, but since I can't, I guess I need to just let it go and forget the stupid thing is even there. :)
I don't think you're losing points. But if you're away for a day or two, someone may have blogged a ton or just gotten more points than you.

Also, if you delete pictures, you might be losing points.

Thirdly, bec of the upgrade, stuff that you may have put out there ages ago may no longer be there, and you've lost those points.

When the upgrade is final, and we all have no friends and start from scratch, then we'll lose al the friendship points. So sad.
Hmm...so it's kind of like being graded on a curve. As other people's rating goes up, it can push yours down?

Well, I'm glad to have a better understanding of how it works. And thanks for reminding me about the friendships and other things being lost. It sounds like we're going to be able to access this site at least for a while, so that should help. We don't need to write down a list of our friends because we'll be able to look back here and see who they are and request them again, and we don't need to save an extra copy of what we've blogged because we can re-post that at the new site if we'd like, I would imagine. Does that sound right according to your understanding of how it's going to work, Kyung?


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