Does anyone have any suggestions on a keyboard to put on top of your writer?  I'm tired of constantly having to move my hands up to my laptop.  I wanted to check with everyone as to what people are using.  Do you have to rig it to stick to your writer yourself with velcro or does it come with a way to attach it to your writer?

I bought one a long time ago through Stenograph, but it was to be used with the A3 and now I have the Diamante.  The gadget they had it standing on was huge.  I don't want to carry all that stuff.  I just want something simple.  Would love your suggestions. 

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Okay.  Here's the link to the keyboard I just bought:

Oh, you got a wired one. I have one bluetooth and one wireless (USB). I should get a wired one just in case. I'm not sure in case of what, but . . .

Since there never seems to be enough USB ports, I got another USB hub. It's really small/compact, weighs next to nothing, with a short USB cable. I love it. It's only $7.99 on Amazon.

I have a Belkin eight USB hub because I bought this one that you show above earlier and I had my Stenocast wireless going into it and it locked up my computer.  Not good.  I think maybe it needed more power, so I got one that has its own power source. 

I agree, though, you never have enough USBs these days.

Huh. Got to admit I haven't hooked up my StenoCast to it yet. Just got it for the past couple of weeks. But I never hook StenoCast to a hub. I prefer a direct connect to my computer for that.

So far I've only connected my keyboard and mouse to the hub. This hub is self-powered (no AC adapter), but perhaps it's not strong enough, like you said. The second day I hooked it up, it did mess up my computer, lol. It prefers being hooked up in a certain order, i.e., plug in this USB hub first, then plug in the mouse/keyboard. Can't have the keyboard dongle/USB receiver already connected to the hub and then connect the hub to the laptop.  At least that's what I think it is. I rebooted my computer twice. It wasn't until I unplugged the other stuff from it, hoooked the hub to my laptop and then plugged in the mouse and keyboard that it worked fine. Finicky things, these computers!


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