I just bought the StenoCast RED, and I got it set up and working in about five minutes. Easy peasy. Can't wait to use it. I only bought one Eclipse receiver and one LiveNote/Summation receiver because they're a wee bit pricey at $100 each. Hopefully one of my friends will buy RED at my recommendation so I can get a free receiver.

Apparently you can get a discount if you go to the CCRA convention in Palm Springs or if you take any of Keith Vincent's seminars or webinars.

Anyone else using RED and loving it?

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Just a quick heads-up that you may already be aware of, but just in case you are not (Eclipse was not aware until I told them.)   YOU MUST TURN OFF ALL SMART PHONES IN THE CONFERENCE ROOM when using a wireless realtime setup.   I've been in two realtime sessions within a two-week period recently, one  where I was unable to get a feed to an interpreter and the second was three feeds to an arbitration panel.  The culprit on both occasions was wireless interference from smart phones.  Sometimes they won't totally shut down the feed but only partially, i.e., not showing time stamping data so attorneys can track where certain testimony occurred.  As soon as I asked counsel/interpreter to shut off their smart phones, voilà! the feed magically turned on.

When I was on Stenocat I bought the Stenocast wireless setup.  Then I switched to Eclipse and made a realtime kit myself using these instructions.  http://www.cheapandsleazy.net/bluetooth.html 

You can buy the dongles for the attorneys' computers for $68 apiece.  Much less expensive than $100 apiece from Stenocast.  And I don't have a big, clunky Stenocast box sitting in my way now.  It works by bluetooth.

I also bought the router from Eclipse and it's not based on having an internet connection.  It sets up your own little IP address that the attorneys log on with when you give them the IP address and password.  Then if they have iPads or iPhones that they want the feed on, they use the MyView app from Eclipse and it works just like the router feed.  Same thing, enter IP address and password.  This frees up your dongles in case you need more than you've got.

And it refreshes with Bridge and Eclipse, too, so you don't lose that capability when you ditch Stenocast and switch to homemade realtime.  Don't know if it works with other CAT software; just Eclipse.


What brand name dongles did u buy and where did you buy them from?  I saw these instructions long ago but got lost as to which dongles to buy.


You can Google this type (Totally Wireless RN-USB-X Bluetooth dongles) but it has to be specifically this kind for it to work and be plug and play.  If they're cheaper then $68 or so, then you're probably not buying the right ones.  Thought I found them cheaper and luckily I read the fine print that they were not plug and play.

I got mine from SemiconductorStore.com (looks just like Stenocast dongles but they're all bue instead of having to buy blue for LiveNote or Bridge or whatever and red ones if you want Bridge to refresh.)


The Blue Soleil USB thing is just if your laptop is not set up for Bluetooth yet.  Mine was by virtue of the bluetooth but only because my new machine I bought came with the bluetooth USB thingy to make it Bluetooth capable.  Some newer laptops might be ready to go without having to buy that $30 Blue Soleil bluetooth thingy.  (Like my technical terms?)  Mine looks just like this:  http://www.bluesoleil.com/products/H0001201005190001.html



So basically you have the exact same setup as Stenocast, you just replace the clunky Stenocast box with the tiny, square Blue Soleil bluetooth thing.  I'm sure that's all that's inside the Stenocast box anyways, but I've heard their dongles are paired with your actual box.  I think that's to keep reporters from sharing dongles.  Not very nice!

I have a pic somewhere of my complete system.  Let me see if I can find it.



I believe this is the setup that Dot figured and and published. 

I jumped from cables to wifi, but I bought red with 4 red and 2 blue dongles that I want to sell for $500 if anyone is interested. Leesadurrant@aol.com.

I used Red for many years.....but then switched to the EZ Send, which I love.

Hi, Wynne, what is "EZ Send"?

EZ Send allows you to send to several attorneys.  It's a newer product of Stenocast.

Thanks for the reply, Wynne!


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