I talked to a reporter last Friday and told her I had seen her at a deposition a while back and I noticed that her machine was slanted downward.  She said it saved her career writing like this. 


I thought I might try it.  I was wondering if anyone else writes like this:

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Hey, Susan, you were the reporter I was talking about.  I didn't want to use your name without your permission, so just talked generally.

I do have a question:  Are you using the tripod that came with the Diamante or a different tripod?  It doesn't seem like it slants very much and when I saw your writer that day, it seemed way more slanted downward.

Corby Group, if they're still around makes a nice tilting tripod.  So does Pengad, I think.

The tilt tripod I have came with the Diamante.  I also keep the machine down really low between my legs which is key.  Keeping it both low and slanted downward makes it so I can let my arms rest naturally in my lap. 


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