I guess this one can be a matter of personal opinion as much as anything else, but does anyone have any ideas or advice on which brand or even type of laptop to get? I'm dazzled by the sheer range of laptop, notebook, netbook, webbook etc out there.

I've heard lots of reporters say Toshiba is best to go for - I've had Tosh before and they are great, but I fancy a change, something funky perhaps :)

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Hey, Michelle! Thanks for your question. I was sort of hoping someone else might respond to this since I'm really not qualified to offer an opinion. I have an IBM ThinkPad laptop (now manufactured by Lenovo) which I truly love, but beyond that I really cannot speak specifically to your question. Sorry!
Thanks anyway Chris, I've never had a ThinkPad so might give it a go :)
Jeanese, thanks for that, if it's got a touch of funky I'll definitely take a look :)


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