Trying to figure out some potential briefs for an upcoming patent infringement depo.  Anyone have briefs for:

intellectual property - I don't use EUP for anything else, so that seems like a no-brainer, right?  Will they even say this?
Federal rules of civil procedure
theory of infringement
or any other IP terminology that is likely to come up.
also, while we're at it, I need a brief for attorney/client privilege.

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IP                 EUP

intellectual property        EUP   EUP 

Fre Rul Civ Pro               FROULZ     SEUP  (in current NCRA magazine)

attorney/client privilege    TOERP

don't answer                   DAONS

not to answer                  NAONS

patent                            PAENT

infringement                   STPREUPLT (not a brief but a one stroker)

patent office                   POFS

theory of infringement     I don't have one, but THEUFRPBLG probably won't conflict with too many words.

Gwen, there is a thread on this site listing some great common patent briefs.  Have a bunch of job briefs for the subject matter of your patent case.  Good luck to you.

KLAOIP - attorney/client privilege.

I use IP for implant but for your job dictionary it's a good idea.  But as you questioned, I don't remember it being a common phrase in the dep.  A great brief I acquired for intellectual is WAL - loved it since I learned it!


Thanks, guys, there are some good ones there.  WAL is my misstroke for balance. <g>  I like it for intellectual!

I used to have a brief for attorney/client privilege, but I can't remember it.  I think it was similar to TOERP but when I just tried it out, it came out as my misstroke for attorney.  (Are you seeing a pattern here?)  I bet I did used to use it for attorney/client privilege and lost that when I switched over dictionaries recently (and lost a ton of stuff due to not having backed up in a long long time).

LOVE the don't answer one.  The not to answer tranned out as noons, but I doubt I've ever had that word come up so I think I'll change it.

I learned TRIFL for attorney-client privilege.  Maybe that will work for you.

TOEUP = attorney/client privilege

TOEUBG = attorney/client (since they say that sometimes)

TPRAOUP = Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

THROERPBG = theory of infringement (can we even do this?  I have to look at my keys.  This one is difficult)


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