For the life of me, I cannot write these two words!!! I just freeze up!!! If anyone has a stroke -- or even two strokes -- I'll take it!!! Thanks!!!!

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How about UN/KWOIF and UN/KWOIFL? Can't imagine a one-stroker for them.
Well, that's certainly better than what I was doing......which I won't even tell you what it is, but I think it was about six strokes!!! Thanks, Julie!!!
You're welcome, Jaimie. I'm anxious to see if anyone has any one-strokers. I use NOIF for notice, so those iterations wouldn't work for me.

I write them as KWOIF and KWOIFL - because no one ever says equivocal or equivocally.  If they do, I add the *. 


NIF and NIFL maybe?
Actually I'd probably do NIFL and N*IFL for the -ly.
Or how about adding -O when you need -ly. So you'll have N*IFL for unequivocal and NO*IFL for unequivocally?
These are all great!!! Thanks, all!!!!

I use exactly what LeAnne suggested.  


KWIFL and KW*IFL for equivocal, ly

I write KWEU*F for equivocal, KWAOEU*F for unequivocal and KWAOEU*FL for unequivocally.  Hope that works for you.

Brief Encounters says NIVL - unequivocal

NO*IVL - unequivocally

I like Keith's or Paul's better


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