I reported a hearing under the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  It's a complainant suing the Dept of Labor for age discrimination.  The complainant is an employee of the Dept of Labor.  The person presiding is an administrative judge.  Not sure if that's a real judge or not, but anyway, I'm trying to figure out what to call him in the hearing.  Is he THE COURT or THE HEARING OFFICER or JUDGE CARTER?  Anybody have any experience with one of these?

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I have prepared transcripts in EEOC cases where the judge was called ADMINISTRATIVE LAW JUDGE.  

I actually was just on the EEOC's website reading about hearings, and it says they're called AJs, or administrative judges.  Did you mean when he speaks, the transcript reflects:


I would call him an Administrative Law Judge on the title page, but I don't think that one can ever go wrong in a hearing by calling the administrative law judge The Hearing Officer in the body of the transcript.


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