Does anyone use DIgitalCAT with a Diamante writer when not writing realtime? I'm considering the DIamante and I have a few questions.



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I use DigitalCAT and I have a Diamante.  I would be glad to help, if I can.

Thanks, Crystal.  Do you write a job without using realtime and then transfer it to your editing computer?  If you do, do you have any problem getting the audio to sync with your transcript?  A friend of mine just bought Case Catalyst because of this problem, so I would like to know if there is a solution before I purchase a Diamante. 

Thanks so much, Dawn.  I have updated to DigitalCAT 4.  If I can borrow my friend's writer, I'll see if it makes a difference.

You cannot use the audio feature on your MIRA or Diamante because the two formats are different.... the writers write in a .WAV format and of course DigitalCat uses its compressed audio format with the .DM extension of the file....  I am not sure why they haven't given the DigitalCat 4 an option to import and play .wav files -- maybe that is a very difficult code to write.   If it isn't they should do it... I realize they are pushing their lightspeed writer but even the lightspeed doesn't let you do this in their format either........   I love my stenovations software, but they seem to be fixated on this writer to the exclusion of their software.   The DC4 took ages to come out and quite frankly teh new "features" were underwhelming, given the long wait for these.   We were promised revolutionary features with the software and all they seem to do is fall further and further behind in the features that they offer.   Not even artificial intelligence for conflicts!!!  I mean come on.... that has been a feature on CC and Eclipse for about six years.....   Deliver something impressive, DC and SOON.


Thanks for the information, Phil.  I have become increasingly less satisfied with DC software.  This may be my year to take the plunge and make a change.


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