I am looking for an Eclipse Version 5 scopist to help me with court work. I would prefer someone who is willing to listen to the .wav file. For those interested, please send your rates and turnaround time.

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I should have included that court work does not pay well on my end. So I am looking for someone that will scope criminal work -- which is easy content -- at $1 pp.

Another CSR that I work for and is a member on here, saw your post and sent me the referral. I have a Rate & Info sheet that I can send you. I normally charge $1.25 pp but I can negotiate down to $1 pp with no problem.  I just signed up so I could send a reply to your post. My e-mail is drrippey@gmail.com. Send me an e-mail if you'd like some more information.

Hi, Lisa.  If you will email me at scopist.jim@charter.net, I can send you my bio.  


James Ensworth

Hi Lisa.  I am willing to scope with audio at your price.   My email is kvnscopist@gmail.com and I am currently available.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Karen Nogueras

Hi, Lisa, I am a full-time working scopist looking for additional work.  I use Eclipse 5, 4.3 and now 6.  My punctuation skills are excellent, quick TAT, competitive rates and always listen to full audio.  Attended court reporting school and was certified many years ago when I started in this business.  Love the work.  Please contact me if you need help scoping.  I am very dependable and put a lot of time into my work.  I look up everything!!!   jm@beanland.com 925-997-4653


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