Has anyone else had this problem? In the middle of a realtime job the screen died, the connection still held and the realtime still appeared on the laptop, but my Mira screen is just dead. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Uggh, happened to me, too. I had plugged into an ungrounded outlet in the courtroom (without power strip) and it blew out my machine charger as well as my screen. After panic, I had to ship my machine to AFM Steno Repair (My warranty was not renewed :-( at Stenograph) and I overnighted it to them -- cost about $63.00 to Amy. She told me how I had to pack it up, etc. with bubble wrap and a box a certain size. After inspection, they determined it was not my complete board (Thank God!) because I could still write realtime to my laptop but it just wouldn't show up on my mira screen. I guess it was a fuse??? or something because with labor and all they fixed it for about another $75.00. Also had to make sure before I sent it that my display knob in the back was not accidently turned in the wrong direction so that it faded out the display. I got my machine back in two days. Thank God again that I was on vacation the next week after my screen went and I had been all set up to practice my Realtime Coach...not. Good luck and hope you have a loaner to use while yours is being fixed--or better yet, that you don't have to write a job for a few days--well maybe that's not better yet...anyhow good luck!
I've never had it actually happen to me but I've heard that it can be caused by a dead battery. Come to think of it I think I was at a CaseCat seminar and one of the reps mentioned it. Did you have it plugged in?
Yes, I have the screen go out before. A wire had come lose that connects the screen. Do also make sure that the knob that controls the display brightness is not turned down. My issue was easily repaired, and I had a warranty, so not sure what the cost was.
Michelle, the identical situation happened to me today. Just wondering what caused your screen to go out. I called a steno repair shop and was told if it is not a loose cable, the screen replacement would cost $475 plus installation fee.
Hmm were there any beeps before it? Maybe it was the Mira switching to back up power.


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