Cover Depos (Washington DC)


Cover Depos (Washington DC)

If you have a Deposition you want to cover, simply send a message to all of the members of this group. DC and surrounding areas

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How it works: Join the group first, then click on "Send Message to group".

You will be responsible for your own "Due Diligence" when finding a reporter.  CSRnation takes no responsibility.

  1. Use this feature only when you have a job that needs covered. This feature is NOT to be used when advertising yourself.
  2. When you send a job offer, always include: Best way to contact you and info about the job; i.e., where, when, realtime, etc.
  3. Any insults or comments about the jobs sent by any agency will be faced with a ban. If you do not like the job, do not take it.

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