I know that I'm a bit sick when I get excited about briefs, but I actually do. I've been writing Ed E*D for the last 30 years, and I hate it every single time I write it. I hate that stroke.

Thanks to Mark & TKWARD, I have now mixed it up, and Ed is now TKWED. And I can't wait until someone says Edwin, so I can throw that TKWEUPN in there, too.

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Love "edit," Brenda. Just like Janet, I've always two stroked it. It's an open stroke for me, too!

EGTD "editing" wouldn't work for me because that's my "he got." (I love the "gots.")

But I could roll my pinkie on the side for the -Z for "edits," ETDZ
Oooh, I love those!!!! Those are great!!
Hope about rightside EDT for edit, twice or with asterisk for edited?


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