Has anyone had any difficulty retrieving all of the needed text by getting it from the clipboard?

It's been brought to my attention, in one of my vouminous transcripts, that some of the text I blocked to copy did not make it. I had a three volume transcript and my problems began sporadically within the second volume. The errors were hidden so well that a quick glance before filing the finished product would not have found them.

I had a few places where there was missing/no text for short answers. I also had a few occasions where little boxes were printed in lieu of my dashes.

I've already put a call into tech support. I was just wondering if anyone else has had or heard of the same experience.


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I forgot to mention that this is a transcript that has gone to the appellate court for their review of the case that I reported.

I'm awaiting a call back from the attorney that has a copy of my three volumes. If we find errors in the copies, I will then have to create new ProCat files and reprint my work. I've already inquired if ProCat would draft a letter via email, that I will attach to my affidavit along with the reprinted transcript, stating that it is a software issue so that the appellate court doesn't think I'm crazy. Chris from tech support indicated that I could get something from them explaining the situation.

In a nutshell, the copy to clipboard and get from clipboard feature of our software is not able to take on large amounts of text. Thus the reason I have missing text and dashes in my finished product. Chris came up with the same problem when he recreated the same steps I had used.

Chris then advised me, from this point forward, to use F3 and the file save as feature the next time I want to bring in text from another document.

Chris also mentioned that will submit this problem to the programmers so that can be made aware of it. Hopefully, others will be spared the nail-biting agony that I've gone through.
Here's an update.

I just got ahold of a copy of my transcript from the DA. I checked the pages in the hard copy with my computer copy. As it turns out, the copy I submitted to the appellate court has no errors whatsoever. Yippeeeee!

However, if I print that job at today's date it will result in nothing but errors. I have no idea why at today's date my transcript is full of errors and it wasn't when the job was printed. I've never ever had a problem like this with our software. I hope this never happens to anyone else.

I'll be sure to let Chris with tech support know what I've found. Crazy stuff I tell ya.


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