Hi! I’ve never used a scopist, and I need one fairly quickly. Wondering about rates since this is new to me. I’m on Winner 2017. All of it will come with audio too. Work as an official.

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Hi, Heather.  I'm Terri Skelton, and I'm on Procat.  I can give you names and contact info for Procat scopists.  Do you use audiosync?  I use a Sony digital recorder, as I don't bring a computer and I still have a Stentura 8000LX, so I have many names of scopists I have not been able to work with because they only want to work with people who use audiosync.  Perhaps some of them can help you!  My email is tadskelton@aol.com.  Good luck!

I am a Procat scopist. I have been doing it for years.  Before that I was a paralegal.  Let me know if you need help.  njroy123@aol.com.  405-826-4557


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