When does this show start back up?  It has to be soon, right??  I can't find it.

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It starts in January. The judges are fighting already. I guess Niki and Mariah can't stand each other.

Who is Niki?  Never heard of her.  I hadn't heard of Demi Lovato either from X Factor.  I guess I'm just out of touch. 

It starts tonight, January 16th

I'm beginning to wonder if maybe all the drama is just for ratings.  You never know.

Is anyone watching this season of American Idol?   While Zoanette can sing, she is SO distracting!  All you can see is that hair!

I hope that Lazaro makes it far this season.  I love his voice, and my heart goes out to him.  What an inspiration he is for a lot of people.

Yeah, I'm watching it.  I have to admit, though, that I don't have the names memorized yet.  I think Lazaro is the guy with the stutter, right?  The girls are way, way more talented than the guys this year I think.  That's something I have noticed for sure.

Yes, he is the guy with the stutter.  You're right, the girls are more talented this season.  The guys were boring for the most part.  I didn't like the guy that they said was so original with his moves.  I don't know his name.

I just hope a girl wins this season.  The last five seasons men have won.  It's about time. 

You're right, Janet, about that Zoanette girl.  She's definitely out there in personality and hair.  It will be interesting to see what she does.  I don't think she'll win, though.  I like Kree personally.  Beautiful voice and I love that style of music.  I've got my fingers crossed for her.

This season the talent is off the charts.  When some of those people sing, I get chills.  That's a sign of a true artist.  Should be interesting how this all shakes out.  Kree is one of my favorites for sure.

I think it is the girls' season.  I'm glad Zoenette (or whatever her name is) went home.  She really wasn't good this week.  I think Kree will be in it for the long run.  She's amazing.

I'm glad you agree with me, Janet.  I also like the girl with the amazing legs that sang the Whitney Houston song.  Don't have her name down to memory yet.

I do have to say, Janet, that out of all the judges, I like Niki the best.  Everyone else is boring with their same, "I love this about you and I love that about you....."

When it comes to Niki, she's funny.  She says the most off-the-wall stuff.  Very colorful person.  She makes the show, I think, more enjoyable to watch.  Girls are still killing it I see.


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