So I've asked this question before in the past.

When you have an all-dayer, do you break your realtime up into two sessions?

I close down the morning job, and then re0open when we come back from lunch.

I find that if I don't, Eclipse has this flashing box that keeps coming up constantly. I've mentioned to the help desk, but they can't seem to help me. Anyway, off topic.

But do you break up your you daylong job into mini jobs?

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nope, no special equipment,
just using my trusty old Smartwriter stenomachine,
hooked to my computer and writing realtime.

But sometimes I too note that there is a delay in input
to the realtime,. but it is usually when the writer is
downloading to the floppy disk that realtime output
is delayed. although, lately there has been a delay of
output, then suddenly three or four pages flash by!

also i'm now on a computer with Vista, and sometimes
the whole computer just plain outright crashes for no
apparent reason. Don't know why or what is causing it.
for a week or so, it was crashing between one and two
times a day, but lately it hasn't crashed so much.

kathy hettick

no, I'm not using any other equipment, I provide a realtime feed to my judge,

but that is through an external-monitor cable plugged into my 9-pin plug, so it

only mirrors my desktop screen.  nothing fancy, but the judge can read the

realtime when necessary.

I am curious how those realtime connections work with the attorneys, though.  One

of these days, I will retire from court and want to do some of those civil trials in L.A.

Usually I don't break it up - haven't had the flashing Eclipse box ever - but I usually take my lunch and stay in at lunch time and get some work done. Then I can play when I get home! :-)

I know this is a super-old discussion, but . . . I used to separate a full day's job into a morning and afternoon session, but I don't anymore. I was afraid of someone messing with my computer while on lunch, too, but that was an easy fix. I just lock my computer with a password. I haven't had any problem with having Eclipse paused over lunch, even if lunch is an hour or more.

I do now break my jobs into morning session and afternoon session, just to make editing and emailing to scopists (if I am using them) easier.  I find that if my job gets too big and something"happens" (in a bad way) then the whole day job would be affected. so I break it  into two jobs.  plus then I can find something a little quicker if I know I'm looking for it in the morning or afternoon.

when I work(ed) in family law, I broke the job (using the software partition stroke) in a new job for each case. that way, I didn't have to "fumble" through one job to locate the other.  I would just note the file # (software numbers them for me) on my calendar page, with the number of pages, if I have time.

i'm using StenoCAT software.  good stuff, easy to use!!


p.s. I am now using a Revolution Grand writer - the Smartwriter is retired.  the only crashes I get now are when I make a dictionary entry that interfers with StenoCAT.

The only time I break up a realtiime session is if the job is an immediate or daily.  This is so I can send to my scopist and she can begin working on the job while we are still on the record.

I shut down and start up again, but I just resume in the same file.

I don't do this, Kyung, but it's certainly okay if you want to.  It will make your audio file much smaller, which is good if you decided later you want to send it to a scopist.

I've never seen a flashing box of any sort.  Can you describe that a little more, please?

Too bad you guys aren't on Case Catalyst - I never break my long jobs up, and it doesn't have any effect on the system, audio, or anything!


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