I worked as a reporter in criminal court for almost 20 years.  I scope full time from home now.  I currently use Case Catalyst, Total Eclipse, and StenoCat32.

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hi there.  i'm looking for another scopist.  probably 1 to 2 jobs a week.  maybe give me a call so we can chat?  909-331-0428

Are you still available for scoping?  Please contact me at bridke@comcast.net

Hello everyone!  I've been scoping/transcribing for over 25 years.  I am a retired court reporter myself.  I worked in criminal court for almost 20 of those years, scoping on my free time and after hours.  I taught court reporting classes at a local university for two years, and I'm currently a student at OSU - Tulsa, finishing up my bachelor's degree in MSIS.  I work from home and I have Case Catalyst and Total Eclipse.  I am available if anyone needs help.  You can find me on facebook under rain.anderson.58, I think it is, or yahoo ... raingirl0831. 



Are you available to take on scoping assignments currently?



Hi, Denise.  I'm booked up probably this week.  Possibly later in the week I'll be available.  I just have one straight typing job I took on several weeks ago as a favor for someone and it was huge.  I hate doing straight typing, but I need to get it out of my hair first.  My email address is raingirl0831@yahoo.com.  You're welcome to keep in touch with me there.

What's your e-mail?  I'd rather chat that way.

Hello, Michelle.  I'm raingirl0831@yahoo.com. 

Hello:  Are you available to scope 160 pages.  It is an expedite and would be due Monday or Tuesday.  If you're available, please send your rates.


Are you presently available to scope four depositions for a five day turn around?

If so, please contact me.


Thank you,


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