I'm going to take a Microsoft case next week and have to admit, I'm a little nervous, having never done anything computer-related before.  Anyone have a glossary or any good briefs?

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Microsoft - MOFT

Microsoft Office - MAUFS (MOFS is moves for me)

PowerPoint - PROINT

Excel - KPAEL

Microsoft Excel - MEFL



ActiveX - T*EX

operating system - OPS

programming language - PRAEUJ



Here is a link to a glossary of terms:



I forgot these:


sourcecode - SKOED

_ (delete space underscore delete space) - SKUND  

In Eclipse, defined {^}{__}{^}   

.doc - DAOK

.exe - DAOEK

Very helpful - thanks!  I have two very long days of this depo and possibly more, so I'm looking forward to getting my dictionary up to speed on this topic.

Do you have a brief for "email"?

Also, if someone says "dot com," do  you write it out or do you use ".com"?  And this is when it's not attached to anything else.

email - AOEM

.com - DAUM

.org - DOERG

I don't write it out when they say dot com. 

If they get into sourcecode, the first letter of each word is usually capped, but you should check the documents.


Example:  CallFunction_RunProcess, etc.

Well, wouldn't you know just when I'm getting excited about it, now I'm not taking them.  I don't know if the jobs canceled or they gave them to another reporter. I suspect the latter but am not sure.  :(

I HATE it when that happens!  I hope they didn't give them to someone else. 

This briefs were very helpful. I am glad you said you do not write out dot com, dot org, etc, because I always write them out and I have been looking for a quicker way of doing them. Thank you!

You're welcome!  I do W*UB for www.  That helps too when they're rattling off a web address.


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