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I recently had an agency request I put time stamps on a transcript for a depo that was not videotaped. I wasn't sure if the code allowed for that, so I started looking it up. I usually just check the minimum transcript standards on the California Court Reporters Association Web site (, but there was nothing about it in there. So I called the Court Reporters Board, and they directed me to the minimum transcript standards on their site ( And, sure enough, they talk about this very thing in 3(C). So the CCRA's standards listed are a little different from the Board's standards. The CCRA must not have updated it since the last change. I just thought I'd bring it to everyone's attention in case they followed the CCRA's standards instead of the Court Reporters Board's standards.
The Court Reporters Board has updated the Minimum Transcript Standards. Click here to see them. I'm not sure yet, but I think the only thing that's changed is 3(C).

They also have suggestions on how to treat our backup audio files. Click here.


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