Rumor that LiveNote will use the Bridge protocols to refresh on StenoCast ...

Anyone heard this?  I'm trying to find a moment to call someone at LiveNote and see if this is true.  That would be so great, if it's possible.

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Does LiveNote still require tokens?  That's the very reason I don't want to use it.  AND the fact that it doesn't refresh -- more important than the token issue.

My understanding is that the newer versions (which are now not owned by the users - some kind of licensing agreement) do not use the tokens.  My problem has been when hooking up, WHICH version is on the attorney laptops, and it takes a little checking to assess which version needs a token.  As a CLR we reporters get those 5 licenses to have on our "loaner laptops" and I always prefer to use what I understand, but there are so many versions out there on client laptops that it takes sometimes too much time (when it's a couple minutes before the dep!) to help the attorney figure out how to get up and running.  Refresh, I hope, is coming soon for LiveNote!  But I'm wondering if that will take a "newer version" again ... which means there will be lots of attorney laptops that don't have it ... yet.


It's always been my understanding has to be written into the source code of the CAT software, not the receiving software of RT, like LiveNote, Summation, etc.

I'm 99 percent sure on this, but I can be proven wrong..

I'm taking the CLR this weekend.  When LN called me to make sure I had all the necessary tools, I mentioned I have, among other things, StenoCast Red.  She said to bring it because it was her understanding that Jeremy provided them the protocol which they implemented in their newest version (v3, I think?).  I'll report back if we can make it work.  Playing around with on my own (I was able to download v3 a few days ago), I couldn't get a connection.  Maybe there's a trick I don't know about, though.

So glad to get some updated information - can't wait!  My understanding is that the protocol for Refresh is right on the website for the taking -  Advantage Software/Eclipse has offered it to all realtime software folks without reservation or limitation.  It's just a matter of implementing the protocol into their realtime software.  CaseCatalyst has its own with CaseViewNet, but it won't refresh through any outside CAT software. 

yes, Lori, that is also what I heard.  Stenocast Red will refresh with the other softwares, but CaseCatalyst has it blocked so that you have to use only Caseview.  I'm very bummed that as a loyal Casecatalyst user for over 20 years, they are backing me into a corner.  I guess I will have to do without, since I do not want to spend any more money on this already expensive job, and Caseview has a yearly fee, which I understand has come down in price, but still ANOTHER feel.   I wish Stenograph would accommodate us, they are only hurting their own customers all in the name of the almighty dollar.

Thanks for that, Kelley.  I totally agree.  I'm with Stenograph for 20 years and the very idea of having to pay to "refresh" is crazy.  I'm not buying CaseviewNet.  I will just suffer and let anyone on any other software outrealtime me.  Have they come down in price from $295 and whatever it was per year after that?  This makes me want to buy Eclipse.  I may just do that.  I have the latest version of Stenocast-the EZ send, but not sure.  I don't think I can refresh through that with CaseCat.

Lori, I am using the StenoCast Red to realtime to LiveNote and it does refresh the attorneys' screens.

Lori, it is not a rumor.  I have used StenoCast with the red dongle with LiveNote and it does refresh.  It must be the new version of LiveNote, though, to refresh.  If they don't have the new version I have to use the blue dongle or use Bridge with a red dongle.  I have out put to both red and blue simultaneously.


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