Hi, all!
I'm new to this and am researching microphones. Just curious what others are using as far as mics go on their machines. In reading comments it looks like we have to have a stereo microphone instead of a mono. Is that everyone's case? Thanks.

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I just bought ProCAT's newest microphone. It is MUCH cheaper then the Martel's mic they used to sell. I have only used it once, and did not have any problems with it. I used it hooked to my Stylus, but I think next time I will use it hooked up to my laptop. I believe there is a 30-day guarantee with it, if you don't like it. Check their site to be sure though. Also, make sure you have a 2G compact flash card. For sound, you can't use the CF card that your Stylus came with. I stumbled upon that by accident in their site, or I wouldn't have known.
Good to know. Thank you so much! I ordered one today that I can return if I don't like. I'll add a bigger CF card to my list of things to buy.
I think it's opposite. I had to buy a mono converter at RadioShack for the Martel mic to work. Of course, I bought it and haven't used it yet.
Thank you. I ordered a mic from sound professionals and they said they will build in the converter so it will work correctly with a steno machine. Hope it works. =)


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