I haven't a clue where to even begin to learn about how to do auto indexing. I haven't even viewed the visualizer on it, though I'm sure there is one.

It seems like such a huge, daunting task. Any words of wisdom on how to ease my way into it?

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I've looked at the manual. And I've kind of figuered out how to set up the paragraph format. And I know how to do the autofill portion, but that's it so far.
Marla, want my files and a sample index? I love my indexing. It's down to where I want it. I have variables for filling in exhibit descriptions, etc. Just let me know.
Yes, Brenda, I'd LOVE a sample index. Just seeing it might really help me get started in the right direction. Thanks! If you don't mind, maybe you could upload it to this discussion so others could see it as well. I'm sure I'm not the only one struggling with indexing.
Well, I can upload the sample, but the command lines are what is needed. They're Eclipse files, so they don't really show up well outside of Eclipse.
Just upload the Eclipse file here.
Here are the index command lines. I'll attach an index example.
Here's an index. I thought I attached three to my last. The one titled INFO, I use the same setup for information to produce, instruction not to answer, objections (I know most don't index that), marked on request (or certified question), etc. It shows a page and line number and brings in the name of the atty who made the request or instruction.

Now that I think of it, INFO has a fill-in line for what is being asked for. I'll attach my Instruction one so you can see what I do with that general one.
Okay, so I don't know what happened to the third one. Here you go. Information to produce index line.
Hi Brenda,

I'd like your files and sample index. that would be awesome. i've been reporting for 10 years and have never quite figured out Eclipse auto indexing.
Karla, the files attached above are the index lines that I use. You need files for the headers too, which I didn't include. They're what will be pulled into your actual index page. I've attached them here.

Mary is SO right -- gotta just jump in, sputter a little, and then just ENJOY never having to type another index again!
Oh, the visualizers are great. I already had mine done before visualizers were even invented, but there were a couple of things that I needed to nail down. They helped a lot.
Oh, don't ease! Jump. Head first. Feet a kickin'.

I did auto indexing when others didn't even know how...didn't want to know how...and dang near ridiculed me for even attempting.

But I gotta tell ya...I went to a few seminars in Vegas and sat mesmerized by one Jeremy Thorne. The rest, my dear, was history.

Now, enough of my silliness. Start very small, very basic. Witness name, direct, cross...or just exam, whatever. and basic marking of exhibits. When you get that to work for you, you will decide just how much you want to delve further. I'm like Brenda, I did mine before visualizers. VERY BASIC. I see she's sent some examples.

Love your little group here, girl. Hope to learn much.



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