Courtesy of Joyce Davis:

From Jeremy:

I have just posted a patch in the downloads section.

There are only two changes in this version to address two issues that have been reported.


I would like to emphasize as strongly as I possibly can that these issues were not, in fact, problems with Eclipse at all. They were caused entirely by issues outside of Eclipse. Nevertheless, I was able to add allowances in Eclipse that would resolve the issues. The issues are:

1. Lagging in realtime

2. Files intermittently failing to save

The realtime lag was caused primarily by the new Windows Action Center. The solution was to have Eclipse send a signal to Windows to tell it that as long as Eclipse is open, the computer is never idle, even if you're not pressing keys or moving the mouse. Note that this will also solve any lagging, lockup or other malfunctions that could be caused by power management, screen savers or anything else that triggers when the computer is "idle" which can happen when your only activity is writing realtime, which Windows cannot detect.

The file saving issue was being caused by the numerous cloud file services that are now so popular, such as DropBox and SugarSync. If the cloud service was backing up a file at the same moment that Eclipse tried to save it, the save would silently fail and the data changes would be lost. This version now solves this issue in two ways: It opens the file in a shared mode, and it also checks every possible failure condition for the file operations, and if anything goes wrong at all, it can now detect it and will produce a "retry" message, and as a last resort will even create a second emergency backup in another location.

Some users previous experiencing these issues were specifically invited to try the 6.1 development version to see if the problems were resolved, and the results have been extremely positive, so we are patching the release version so that non-beta users having either of these issues can download the update without having to wait for the release of Eclipse 7.

I cannot absolutely guarantee that this version will solve all realtime lags or freezes since there are hundreds of potential causes for that particular symptom. However, it does appear to solve the most common causes for those issues. If you try this version and still have issues, please let us know and we will investigate other possible causes that could be affecting you specifically.


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