Hi, y'all!

I'm not on Weight Watchers but am on a mission to keep weight off. It's crazy how it's not one of those goals where you can reach it and then hooray, you're a success... it's an every day thing.

Anyway, I've found something really yummy that helps me keep out of sweets and drink lots of water. I first found it at a health food store, but it's way cheaper at vitacost.com. It's called SweetLeaf liquid stevia. You just squirt some in your water, and it makes it taste delicious. Zero calories and no artificial sweeteners... stevia is not bad for you at all.

My favorite flavor is English Toffee. I swear it makes your water taste like candy. I also like chocolate, vanilla cream and peach. The grape one is okay but not my favorite.

Another wonderful treat I read about on The Biggest Loser website is Galeo's salad dressings. My local grocery store doesn't carry it, but I've ordered it online by the case. The miso is absolutely to die for, and I think it has 15 calories per serving. Their website is galeoscafe.com. I normally hate diet dressing, but this one is awesome and creamy.

Also, I've heard about a low-carb chocolate bar called Chocoperfection, with a website by that same name, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere in stores. I haven't tried it myself but people on another dieter group thing I'm on say it's absolutely delicious. Has anybody here had one?

I'd love to hear about treats that you have found that help keep you on track. I wish I didn't love food so much, but I DO!

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Oh, I love Greek yogurt! Haven't tried that soup but it sounds good... will have to get some. Thanks!
My brother is obsessed with the Food Network, especially a guy named Alton Brown. He has a recipe for these yummy protein bars. I swear they taste like mini cakes. You put fruits and/or nuts in them. They have to be refrigerated or they mold (found that out the hard way when I went to eat one yesterday evening). They taste SO much better than the ones you get in the store! You can get the recipe from foodnetwork.com. Just do a search for power bars and I think it's the first recipe.
I'd add an image but it might break the screen LOL. Thanks, Julie for these great tips. Is Stevia okay for people who have allergies to other artificial sweeteners. I am a diabetic and have tried so many different sugar replacements and have had a gastrointestinal problem with all of them.

Keeping my fingers crossed, hoping you have the right answer for me.

Thanks, Agnes

Note: Love the cartoon showing the right way to weigh yourself!!!!!
Hi Agnes!
Stevia comes from a plant, so I don't think you'd have any problem. Truvia is one brand that tastes really good.

Good luck!


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