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I took an Argentinian doctor's depo the other day, and neither my scopist nor I can figure out what on earth he's saying here. Here's the dialogue:

Q Has that name ever been on your passport?
A Yes, it has.
Q Then can you please explain how that name came to be on your passport?
A That's a Paraguayan passport. And in Paraguay the passports must contain the mother's name.
Q In your case, you use the mother's name on your passport?
A In the [pass-mareez], that's what they do. It's not my option.
Q All right. What is your citizenship, sir?
A Of -- I am a citizen of Paraguay.
Q And where do you live?
A I live in Argentina.

I'm at a complete loss. Help!!
Anyone speak Italian? HELP!

"In Italy, you start with the kindergarten. Then you have five years of elementary school. Then you have three years of -- let's call superior. Then you have five years of [lissay]. Then you have four five years of university depending on your performance."
I've been told by my awesome scopist Denise Riffle and proofreader Chris Renegar that it's liceo, in case anyone cared. :o)

Hello to my Spanish speaking colleagues. A word came up in a depo that means "F'ing white girl." It starts with a "P", something sounding like pinsuela.  Anybody heard of this?


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