Post your questions on whether to hyphenate here. I know we should always check the dictionary first, but the dictionary doesn't have all combinations of compound words and crazy things like that.

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Would you hyphenate "over the moon type of feeling"? Or would you put quotes around "over the moon" and not hyphenate it?
I'd hyphenate over-the-moon type of feeling, but that's probably more because I hyphenate rather than quote. Quotes would work since it is a common phrase, but I'd add hyphens while I was writing and not go back and edit it.

Great idea, Marla!
I agree with Brenda. I like over-the-moon type of feeling.
Love this idea, Marla. I have a question too. How about Bates-stamped ~ do you guys hyphenate that or not? I've had differing opinions w/ proofreaders and still don't have a clear answer.
Yes, it should be hyphenated. The normal phrasing should be "stamped with a Bates stamp," but that's too wordy. Bates is the brand name of the stamp. You probably already knew that. Anyway, it's a compound word created for the occasion, so to speak. Here's a site that talks about compounds. It seems to refer to the Chicago Manual of Style, which is my preferred reference book.
Thank you!!
CAD software. Would you hyphenate it like this: computer-aided-design software or computer-aided design software? I think the latter. I think "computer-aided" is modifying "design software."
Well, how do we do CAT? Computer-aided-transcription software or computer-aided transcription software? I think there could be an argument for both. The three words DO modify software. The first two DO modify design or transcription software.

I say choose your poison. :)
With your reasoning, I agree that it [i]should[/i] be capitalized, but when it's an acronym, it somehow doesn't look right to me.
Could you re-ask the question?

Is that right? Just looks really odd, lol!
Yes. Reask looks even odder! Looks like it should be pronounced reesk. So that one is hyphenated.
Thanks, Brenda! Reask is actually a 'place' if you google it, lol.


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