I am going to acupressure treatments -- not acupuncture -- to rid me of allergies.  I was so bad being outdoors and I am now free of dust allergies and dust mites.  I know it sounds odd, but it has worked for me.  I can walk my doggie without sneezing and blowing my nose ad naseum.  

It is going to be a long process as I have a lot of food allergies -- on top of environmental allergans --that just keep getting worse because I keep getting older -- aargh.  If you want to learn more about it, google NAET and ALLERGIES and you can read more about it.  You are what you eat and that has made me full of allergens!!!

I got blood work in 2008 when I went to the Tahoma Clinic (great clinic near Seattle) and the results came back that I had a lot of food allergens as I was so tired and bloated all the time.  I didn't eat dairy or gluten for an entire year!  Yes, I got skinnier and felt great.  I gradually started back but limited it but could feel the effects especially from dairy.  I recently got acupressure for dairy and a few other things and now so far I can eat eggs!  I know it sounds weird but check it out; it really does work. I will keep on going and let everyone know how I progress, if you're interested, because I am allergic to things like Vitamin C, sugars, Vitamin B, minerals..the list goes on.  

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Good for you, Denise.  Let us know how it goes.  I'm allergic to my four cats and have done the acupuncture, not acupressure.  Didn't help, though.  Can you explain what the difference is?  I'm not even sure what it is.

Oh, also keep us posted on your progress.  Seems everyone has an issue with gluten these days.

My friend swears by NAET.    But I've Googled it and found a lot of bad things written about it.   I mean you hold whatever you are allergic to in your hand (like, say, a food or animal hair), then they do the procedure and then you are cured.   Sounds very odd and falls under the category of too good to be true IMHO

Yet, my friend swears it cured her daughter's asthma and it was instantaneous.   So I hope it works for you.      

I have had the strangest bouts of allergies all my life, including severe skin allergies and allergies affecting my blood vessels, and hay fever.   For me, they all tend to wax and wane, and for the most part it's unexplainable why they come and go.

Best of luck to you though.

Kelli, just google NAET and allergies.  It has worked wonders for me so far as I was so miserable that I couldn't imagine life hacking and spitting up after being outside and eating anything!  I am 80 percent better as of now, in my estimate.  I couldn't even go to the gym because I was clearing my throat so bad after running for ten minutes.  Then he treated me for being allergic to the cold and I have not had that issue since, but I still have issues after eating certain foods.  Like I said, I couldn't be outside without sneezing and blowing my nose constantly and that is no longer an issue.  What have you got to lose getting a few treatments for NAET?  I would have spent so much more money and frustration and being miserable trying to figure out why I had so much mucous whenever I moved or ate.  My family has even noticed a difference when I speak with them.  I don't know how all of a sudden I got so bad, but I guess crap happens as we age -- aaargh!

Acupuncture is needles and acupressure is stimulating the meridians in your spine (I guess) to fix your energy flow in your body.  That is my rudimentary explanation and that's why I suggested to do a search for NAET.

Martha, with the skin allergies, it may be wheat and gluten, etc.  I had rashes as a child but they disappeared as I got older, then I got blood tests in 2008 and was allergic to wheat and gluten.  Your body will always manifest itself in different ways as we age, in my opinion.  If your friend swears by it, give it a try.  That's why I went as I heard amazing first-hand accounts from people who got rid of asthma and other such allergens.

I found way more amazing stories than bad stories about NAET.


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