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American Idol



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The Voice


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Priceless Moment

My daughter has been dreaming of getting a Mustang. She knows every body style of the Mustang from 1965 until now. She's getting her license next week, and I've been searching for a used car for her for a month. I kept trying to steer her away from Mustangs since they're more expensive. I kept showing her car after car, and she didn't like any of them. She finally got to the point where she was ready to get a Hyundai. We saw one yesterday, but the lot was closed. I planned to go there today to… Continue

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Any Other Dinosaurs Out There?

I was just looking at Jennie's blog about her HP printer, and it got me thinking how if I never printed another transcript page in my lifetime, I'd be thrilled. I now send in all of my work via e-mail. I have come to take it for granted, I guess, how much better things are today than they used to be.

I can remember working on a transcript on my Baron Oz system. I bought it with another court reporter, because the monthly payments were about the same as a mortgage payment. I would… Continue

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Don't You Wish...

...that you could create one brief for the entire transcript? Walk in, set up, listen to them talk all day long, as fast as they want, seven hours, then just hit one stroke, pack up your equipment and go home? And have perfect translation, too, 100 percent.

Maybe just two strokes, BHRA BHRA.


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Turning 50...

...ain't so nifty. No, I usually do not say ain't, but I don't usually turn 50, either. For the past week or so I've felt like Linda Blair. What a gift I got this year, menopause. Today some guy yelled at me hanging out of the window of his truck, telling me to SLOW DOWN! (I was at a stop sign, just starting up again -- not speeding.) As soon as he did that, the new demons that are occupying my body screamed right back at the guy, BLEEP BLEEP! If he had stopped, I probably would have gotten… Continue

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