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Building a reporter/scopist relationship from the ground up

Reporters, your golden opportunity may have just presented itself.

Read Brytta Fitzgibbon's post.  Brytta is a scopist-to-be, having completed her academic work and now looking for a reporter with whom to intern.  She hasn't bought software yet.

I know you are busy people, but especially for those of you who are dissatisfied with the scopists you've used, here's a lady you can train to do things your way.

I'm willing to mentor Brytta on using Eclipse, if she'd like help…


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Nasty Scam from "Microsoft Technical Support"

Several months ago I was forwarded information about a scam where telephone calls from "Microsoft Technical Support" informed you there was a problem with your operating system.  MTS offered to fix your problem.  You had to give the caller access to your computer, naturally.  It gets more interesting (see link below).

I tucked the info into the far recesses of my brain.  This was going on in Europe. a phone call the other day from these folks.  Very personalized,…


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Texas Attorney General's decision on non-steno methods of taking depositions



His decision does not mention whether such deposition testimony can be made a part of a trial record. 

Texas reporters and scopists, make your voices heard.  If Judge Abbott neglected the ramifications of his decision when it comes to trial transcripts, perhaps he would like to take a second…


Added by Joyce Davis on May 16, 2012 at 19:33 — 3 Comments

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