My name is Daniele Self, and I'm a scopist on Case Catalyst v.9. I am a current court-reporting student, and a stay-at-home mom. I am no stranger to hard work, and am someone you can depend on. With me, you will never need to worry if your job will be done on time and of good quality. I take pride in my punctuality and quality of my work. References I use to assist me in my work are: Google, Web M.D., Gregg Reference Manual, Webster's Dictionary, and anything else I may feel necessary for a specific job. I feel reporter/scopist communication is vital, and I'm available by phone and e-mail, day or night. I welcome expedites and dailies, and I am able to stay up all night to finish a job if that's what it takes.

My rates are:
1.00/pp: 5-7 day turnaround
1.50/pp: 3 day turnaround
2.00/pp: 48 hours or less turnaround

My rates include listening word-for-word with full audio. Rates can vary depending on difficult writing, foreign speakers, and highly technical terms, but are not limited to what is listed. Any change in rates will be discussed fully with you before any work begins, so we are always on the same page. I bill the 1st and 15th of every month, but arrangements can be made to suit your needs.

References are available upon request.

Daniele Self
Superior Scoping Services
(256) 529-9209 Cell
(256) 325-8629 Home/Fax

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Comment by Michael D. Chaney on November 27, 2008 at 8:46
Dear Daniele,
Wow! VERY impressive. I'm thinking of gettign a scopist, but right now, it is only a thought. You are very impressive though. I like the self confidence. You sell yourself very well. I like your references you use. I didn't see anything about Medical Terminology or that type reference. Do you shy away from medical &/or doctor depositions? May I suggest drugstore.com. That's an excellent one for pharmaceutical drug spellings. Also, reference material for medical are Dorland's and Tabers. I know you're in Alabama, but if I decide to go that way, I will seriously consider you. Oh, and the $1 per page is an excellent incentive, too. You might try advertising .95cents per page. You'd be surprised how many nick-pickers would rather to to a .95cents per pager than an $1. I did that all the time with the gasoline prices. I'd drive clear across town for a nickel difference. Take care and good luck in your studies. Keep in touch.

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