During the depo the hearing reprensentative referred to me on the record "I'm just showing the transcriptionist...." Normally I would not even consider putting (sic) behind the word transcriptionist, but this is the same hearing rep that pulled a fast one a few months back where he was instructed by his law firm and also the applicant's law firm to send me the doctor's report so I could get all the spellings, which he was upset about having to copying, so he called my firm the next day and stated that "Due to patient confidentiality he was unable to send me the report, and if I had any questions to call him." Any other attorney I would not use (sic) but I want this hearing rep to know that he made a mistake when he referred to me as a transcriptionist. I want to do this more out of spite than anything else. Should I just let it go? What do you think?

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Comment by Rosalie DeLeonardis on March 11, 2009 at 18:20
I decided to let it go. What I did do instead was leave most of his "okays" in, which normally I always take out. I will say, even though I didn't like the hearing rep for what he did on a doctor's depo, especially since he was just observing that depo and not the taking attorney, he actually wasn't that bad. You could tell he was nervous taking this depo. One thing he did do that was irritating was during a break of this depo I had asked the witness for spelling of her parents' last name, which she provided, then he turns to me and asked if he even asked their names. He seemed to get irritated that I had asked for a spelling until I reminded him he DID ask for their names. Thank you all for commenting.

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