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Would you use sic???

During the depo the hearing reprensentative referred to me on the record "I'm just showing the transcriptionist...." Normally I would not even consider putting (sic) behind the word transcriptionist, but this is the same hearing rep that pulled a fast one a few months back where he was instructed by his law firm and also the applicant's law firm to send me the doctor's report so I could get all the spellings, which he was upset about having to copying, so he called my firm the next day and… Continue

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Can anybody help with the correct spelling of a company name? The doctor was talking about a company that do studies on college students IQ. What I heard and wrote, which may be totally wrong, is "Dodgeroll and Wonderlick Corporation. Any help would be so much appreciated.

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Swearing in an Interpreter

I just finished a depo where an interpreter was used. I said my usual statement, which is: You do promise to translate from English into Spanish and from Spanish into English to the best of your ability. The interpreter's response was No, he would not translate, that he would interpret, I used the wrong word. Uh???? That's the way I've been doing it for 12 years and have never been told I was doing my job wrong. The funny thing about it the attorney asked him what does that mean, are you going… Continue

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