Hi everyone, I want your opinion on this.

I was recently invited by an agency for an interview.  On the phone conversation that we had, he said he's a non CSR owner.  Would you take work from an agency owner who is not a CSR?

Why or why not?

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Comment by Mary Ann Payonk on November 27, 2019 at 15:19

I do every day, and most if not all agencies I usually work for are not owned by reporters.  They don't blast email me looking for a warm body, they pay the best rates, give nothing away for free - and in the rare case they've entered into negotiated rates, they will not only tell me in advance (not spring it on me after I've done the work), but if they really need me to step in, we negotiate those rates for that particular day.  There is no submitting by portal e-v-e-r, and while some call it micromanaging, I see it as each of these agencies are run like a tight ship.  My realtime expertise is appreciated, and I receive preparation material when the job is offered so that I can investigate the case to see if I really want to take it.  None of my agencies have drawn the ire of reporters by having had business practices and page rates so low that they cannot attract talent and are freely sending digitals and providing bogus reasons to the client.  That's just a summary, but I am very happy with my handful of agencies not owned by a reporter.  Have there been bumps in the road through the years because they are not reporters and do not appreciate some things about the practice?  Of course.  I am just so thankful that I don't have to work for agencies, though run by reporters, are run poorly, don't pay on time, send 99 emails before/during/after a job, and change the page rates retroactively, or try to.

Comment by Sheree Gilkey on November 18, 2019 at 14:04

Kelli, that's really good to know.  I had no idea that there were national agencies that were non CSR.  I appreciate it Kelli!


Comment by Kelli Combs (admin) on November 18, 2019 at 14:00

I'd take work for him, as long as the job was good and he paid timely.

With the big corporate firms, I doubt anyone is a CSR anymore.  I work for Veritext, which is national.  I know there is no CSR owner and I've worked for them for 14 years.

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