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At 7:53 on October 21, 2012, Lu Ann Scafe said…

I'm an experienced scopist looking for Donna Bleskin.  I see she's worked for you in the past.  Please send any contact info to me at  Thanks.  Lu Ann

At 10:49 on December 14, 2009, Trevor McCutchen said…
Hey Jena! Thanks for all of your help over emails. I really appreciate your support. Well, I have my first depo today, so I've been practicing all morning and reviewing the depo procedures. I'll let you know how it goes!! :-)
At 18:18 on August 13, 2009, Sabrina Nelson said…
Hey you! How is work coming along? Staying busy I hope! I'm never on here, but I wanted to stop by and say Hola!
At 18:35 on July 11, 2009, Trevor McCutchen said…
Thanks for the b-day shout out, Jena. I think my mom told me about you. You went to Humphreys, right? My mom has so many court reporting friends!!! lol Well, thanks again and I'll pass along your message to her!
At 7:12 on July 3, 2009, Kyung said…

At 22:16 on June 26, 2009, Amy said…
Hey Jena,
I tried doing a friend request for you, but my computer is acting up and it wouldn't let me. I would love to chat more and share stories about our kids. Maybe I can be of some help.
At 11:18 on May 11, 2009, Julie Geraty said…
Sorry I wasn't available for you, Jena. Maybe I will be next time you need quick help. Keep me posted. Take care.
At 19:22 on May 1, 2009, Linda Robinson said…
Yes Depos are all the rage from what I hear. I don't hear about court reporters actually working in court. I want to go into CART or Captioning or Webcasting. So far I'm doing very well. I think I have one more 70 to pass then I can concentrate on the 80's. I really need to master the punctuation. Did I even spell that right??
At 16:53 on April 30, 2009, Linda Robinson said…
How are things in court?? It looks like court reporting is getting big. Mrs. Nottoli has 9 students in her theory class. My class last go around was 16 on day one. To date, only 8 of us now.
At 11:42 on April 16, 2009, Julie Geraty said…
Hi, Jena. I just wanted to check in to see if you needed any scoping for overflow or expedites. Let me know and I'll be glad to help.
At 18:32 on April 8, 2009, Stephanie Fernandez, RMR said…
Thanks so much for getting back to me. Unfortunately, we aren't given anything to study for the CSR. We are required to take a CSR preparation class, but it's a 9-week course that really just consists of weekly quizzes. It was valuable, and I'll definitely refer to my notes, but I'm sure I should do more to prepare.
I've never heard of anyone selling mock tests. I'll see if I can find anything like that.
I'll try to put together some flashcards to review.
Thanks again for your advice. I'll let you know if I pass. . .
At 23:28 on April 4, 2009, Stephanie Fernandez, RMR said…
I was reading discussion posts related to the CSR test, and I came across yours from last August. I just qualified and may be taking the June CSR, and I wondered if you have any advice on how to prepare (particularly for the academic portion). I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks :)
At 22:06 on March 13, 2009, Heather said…
2 whole weeks away still! Oh well, better than 3. I did notice this on the board website about a meeting they held today in the agend section:

EO REPORT: CRB budget report, State budget update, CSR exam stats, CRB Today Newsletter Discussion and possible action.

Maybe that's a good sign!
At 9:39 on March 10, 2009, Alexis McCutchen said…
PS You are a super cool Mom. Watching wrestling with your boys!
At 9:37 on March 10, 2009, Alexis McCutchen said…
Thanks for the suggestion. Hill and McPherson cancelled on us. That was the depo we were supposed to be at last Wed.

Not sure what CDR is. another reporting firm? We're heading to McGeorge now. At least we get intern hours for that.
At 18:01 on March 9, 2009, Alexis McCutchen said…

I was going to send out a message to all my "friends" on CSR which would have saved me a ton of time...but instead I only told the students. Honestly, I didn't want to bother any of my working reporter friends 'cuz I know you're all so busy. Next, time EVERYONE gets the message!!!!
I would have luuuved for you to have been there. It was awesome. Mark is very personable and patient and took the time to address everyone's concerns. And you never felt rushed. My son was in AWE. Check out the pics on my page.

Well, I think I've had my full initiation into the life of courtroom drama to last me a lifetime! It was scary. Trevor was supposed to also sit with us, but Jeannie said it was too crowded. So he was above us in Dept 31. My friends from Texas said they heard about it right away and I got an email from several friends, one in Australia and two in opposite ends of France, who had watched news reports about the Stockton courthouse incident! Once again, we made international a bad way!

Other than that, life is good. Trevor is trying to finish up interning so he can sit in qualifiers. Our depos keep cancelling. We were supposed to be in a depo on the "nightmare" day, but last minute changes and they wouldn't let us sit. Soooo...

I'm plugging along, so close and yet so far away. Hmmm...sounds like a song. Doin' a mock depo and McGeorge. Have a great week.
At 22:27 on February 19, 2009, Kyung said…
Yay!! You deserve a great day.
At 20:57 on February 19, 2009, Tricia McLaughlin said…
Happy Birthday, Jena! What wonderful pictures!

At 18:08 on February 19, 2009, Kyung said…
Hope you had a good day.
At 17:26 on February 19, 2009, Kelli Combs (admin) said…
Happy Birthday, Jena!

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