I'm looking to talk to anyone who has worked for Global Deposition out of NY. 

A friend of mine and I are both having trouble getting paid on jobs from four months ago.  And we're hearing that quite a few other people have had the same trouble as well.

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I just took a job recently for CSI Global Deposition Services out of Irving, Texas, and did get paid.  I don't know if it's the same  firm or not.  I did get paid fairly quickly by them.  

Thanks for the warning even if it's not the same firm. 


I don't think they're the same agency.  But thanks for the feedback.


Who is this person?   I've heard the same thing.  Maybe it's time to start asking for deposits on working with people you don't know.  SUGGESTION:   put your rates in writing and your EXPECTED time of payment,  fax it over, have them sign in, or DO NOT TAKE THE JOB. 

That is a great idea Susan, but they will probably take the reporter who does not sign.  I am hearing so much of this in our industry. So sad...

Let them have the reporter who doesn't protect herself from getting ripped off, if that is important to them.  I understand you are saying reputable agencies might balk--and I probably wouldn't request prepayment from those firmly established and well-known in the industry.  These startups, though?  These agencies dependent upon the Internet to get warm bodies, one of their thousands of reporters?  Yeah, different animal.  They're pretty easy to spot.

Agree totally with this idea.  However, when I've mentioned to the firm I require a deposit because I don't know them I never hear from them again.  But that's okay because if they can't agree to that I do not want to work for someone that I may never get paid on or even have to fight to get my money.

All great ideas.  And I took work from this agency through a reporter referral who also took work for them and was unable to cover the next few jobs.  She was paid (late ... and after a couple e-mails) and I was paid (late ..and after many e-mails and phone calls), but then the payments stopped.  I had quite a few more days into this than she did.  Regardless, it's a risk we all take.  One thing I learned in the process is that, as independent contractors, we are unsecured creditors.  So if the agency is going into Chapter 11 or BK, we are low on the list of creditors and most likely will not be required to be repaid through the BK courts.   

So off to collections/small claims we go!  



We are having a very difficult time collecting from this firm after receiving an NSF check. Do you have any suggestions?

Anne Hillyard

Toronto Court Reporters

I'd just file a Small Claims action.  That will probably get you your money I would assume. 

I've officially filed a collections action against Global Deposition Services in NYC as of last month.  They are a year late in paying me several thousand dollars for depositions I took for them in Irvine, California last year.  I have all of the info and details.  PM me for more info.  One of the owners is Theresa Ventimiglia.  

They have a nice website.

I worked for Theresa and Global years ago and found her difficult to deal with regarding payment.  As far as the "send your rates, your expected time to get paid and have them sign," I've done that, too, and the bottom line is I have found the only sure way to protect yourself when taking assignments for out-of-state agencies that are not national agencies is to tell them your terms are COD.  When the file is complete you email them your bill, they pay, you send the file.  If they are reputable they will understand the precaution you are taking and will not balk.  If they are NOT reputable, why take the job then get burdened with another job of collection???  I've had it with that.  Done it too many times with these smaller agencies.  As a small agency if I was looking to cover a job in California and the reporter didn't know me I would not blink if she said COD.  


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