The reporter I work for has had requests to switch to Case Cat mostly for the iPad app they have for real time.  We are currently using StenoCat.  Has anyone switched?  How easy or difficult was the transition?  Does Case Cat allow for real time scoping?  Anything else that would be helpful to know in considering switching?

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Evelyn, if you decide to switch I have an edit version I will sell you for a good price.  It's all current.  It will be just like you bought it from Stenograph except I will give you a discount.

Sorry I can't answer your question about switching.  I've always been on CC.

Yes, you can do realtime scoping.

I switched from Steno Cat to CC six years ago.  It's quite a bit different but not that hard to learn.  The hard part was setting up the cover pages and formats, but you can pay someone to do it for you.  I believe my salesperson had someone do it for me for free.  Also I was able to use my same Steno Cat keyboard with CC and that was really nice.


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