So I've asked this question before in the past.

When you have an all-dayer, do you break your realtime up into two sessions?

I close down the morning job, and then re0open when we come back from lunch.

I find that if I don't, Eclipse has this flashing box that keeps coming up constantly. I've mentioned to the help desk, but they can't seem to help me. Anyway, off topic.

But do you break up your you daylong job into mini jobs?

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I break an all-dayer into two session, morning and afternoon. At lunch, I reboot the computer. I was told by tech support at AristoCAT that this was the best way as it clears out the memory that the RT feed (and AVsynch) is using up.

Good luck,
Yes, it's good to break a long day into two sessions. First, it's easier to upload smaller audio files to a scopist, but also, if something goes wrong with one file, you have a smaller problem on your hands. I label the realtime sessions with the same job name (date or trial name or both) and add AM or PM after the job name. I actually break a full day of trial into 4 parts. It's easier on the computer, too. I also reboot at lunch. I used to believe in the one file system, but I, too, was told it's better to have smaller files.
Hope that's helpful.
Cindy L.A.
I always try to do that so I can get my files to my scopist especially when the job is daily. This gives her a head's up on her work. The larger, off issue for me, is why my software freezes which causes me to have to tran the job and throws off the Audio Sync in Eclipse!
I never "break" my jobs as I like one continuous file. I do however, close out of my file and put my computer in sleep mode for lunch. When I return, I open the same file and "append" to the file that I previously started. It makes one continuous wav file and there is no merging or anything.

Eclipse does not like to be paused for long periods of time, so I don't recommend pausing your audiosync and then going to lunch.
Rebecca, I never thought about doing what you suggest. What is the advantage of putting the computer into sleep mode? I may test it out tomorrow.
Ooh, I'm waiting to read what Rebecca has to say on this issue. I've never broken up my sessions and I always put Eclipse in "pause" mode during lunch. I've never had a problem with my audiosync in this respect. Got a new laptop, though, and if Sleep mode is better, I'd love to hear how you do it while in Eclipse and what the benefit is:)
It's really best to not put your computer in standby or sleep mode, actually. Wil Wilcox told me that from eclipse. If you are going to do it, make sure that eclipse is minimized. Eclipse doesn't like it if you put the computer in standby/sleep while it's open. At the very least, close eclipse, put the computer on standby, and open a fresh file after lunch.
Cindy L.A.
Hi, Jenny, I put my computer into sleep mode merely to have it boot right back up into where I left off. It doesn't do a full power off, so there is no loading of all the drivers and such, which can take a long time.

I do close my Eclipse file and my Eclipse. Then I put it in sleep mode. Eclipse does not like to have the audio paused for long periods of time. Like Cindy stated above, I would never put it to sleep with Eclipse open. I don't want anyone messing with my computer if I'm gone which is why I power it down. So while it is asleep, it appears off, so no tampering by anyone.
Rebecca, Thanks for the explanation. I'll definitely practice this once before my next all-day depo. It really makes sense to me!
I always break my files up, a.m and p.m. Two mains reasons: One, as was mentioned below, if there becomes a problem with the file you have "less" of a problem on your hands because only half of the job is in one file. Two, it makes it easier for sending to the scopist, in my opinion. If you have a daily and you want to start proofreading and editing the first half of the job while the scopist is finishing the editing on the second half you can do that no problem. : )
yes, I agree with Paula, ( and all the other CSR's on here) smaller
jobs/files gives you more flexiblity and
I find when a job is larger than 100 pages, after around page 100
or so, sometimes the steno and text get un-sync'ed and then I
have a problem with doing global dictionary entries.
I'm on StenoCAT.
Kathy, I'm on StenoCAT too and I use the StenoCast X-1 Lithium to RT. Sometimes when I'm writing RT the screen will freeze for about a minute but will catch up to itself and keep going. I want to hook up to the attys. What are you using? Are you using the new StenoCast products? TIA


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