BRIDGE (free realtime software for all CAT systems from Advantage)

I'm very curious about Bridge. I've downloaded it to my computer but haven't had a chance to play with it yet. I think it's just amazing that they've created a free realtime software for everyone.

Has anyone used it? If so, how is it? Is it easy? So any CAT system can use it; it's just that Eclipse is the only software that will refresh the screen after you've made updates, right?

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I know Kyung uses it. She showed it to me and it seemed a lot easier to pick up than the pay-for-them ones.
I believe you're correct about who can use it and the refresh.
I've used it for myself. I have yet to load it onto anyone else's laptop. It's really easy to use. Just a little confusion over setting up the ports, but it's possible to figure out.

I should bring it to one our get-togethers and demo. Or maybe we can have real-life meetings for this group where we can network and share tips.
I just hooked up tonight using Bridge with Reagan Evans. It was super easy. Basically, you just download it (, then:
Double click the icon with the picture of the bridge.
Go through the registration.
Click on the Setup icon at the top.
If you're using Eclipse, choose Bridge.
If you're using any other CAT software, choose Caseview.
Use the default baud settings.
Click on Devices to bring up the Device Manager to see which port your cable is set to. I unplug, then replug my cable in to see which port appears, then disappears.
Close out of the Device Manager and type in the correct port number in Devices.
Click OK.
Cick on Connect from the icons at the top.

If it doesn't connect, check to make sure your baud settings in Bridge match the baud settings in the realtime output settings on your steno software (in Eclipse, Realtime tab, Output formats, Change, Setup (beside Comm device) .

Easy-peasy. It's free to everyone (even attorneys). Any CAT software can connect to it. It's just that Eclipse is the only software that will auto-refresh (meaning it shows any corrections you make on the attorney's computer).

Why don't more attorneys use it? We need to spread the word. I'd rather deal with that software than LiveNote any day.
Hello. I am new to CSRNation. I am also a new reporter, and I am a little confused about the Bridge Software. Is it something attorney's can use for me to be able to realtime to them? Just like if they were to have caseview or something like that? So, if they want realtime, and they do not have any software installed on their computer, they can download it for free? I may be completely wrong, but I was trying to figure out what it was about!
Hey, Lauren. Bridge is a real time software for attorneys, just like LiveNote and CaseView. Anyone can download it for free - attorneys and reporters.

What's so neat about Bridge (other than the free part) is if the reporter is on Eclipse (Bridge & Eclipse are both owned by Advantage), then the changes the reporter makes throughout the day will be applied to the attorney's file - both before the change was made and after. It's called "auto refresh." Usually the attorney would only see the changes after the point you made them and would need to overwrite his file with a rough draft at the end of the day.

So if "Smith" was coming out "smidge" all day and I didn't get a chance to fix it until lunch time, the attorney's file would have "Smith" throughout the whole file, not just after I changed it. Not that you asked, but I think it's a neat feature.

Hope I helped.
Hi Marla,
This is fabulous!!! I am so excited about it. Thanks for the extra info.
I need help!!! I have Eclipse software and I have downloaded the Bridge onto my computer. My machine that I am using is the elan mira with a USB cable. I am not using a comport and that is what it is asking for. What do i need to do to get a connection between my eclipse software to my bridge?

Did you download the Bridge onto the same computer as the Eclipse softeware?

Bridge needs to be on a separate computer. You have a realtime feed from your laptop to the other computer via serial port or usb port.
wait! you have to have TWO laptops at the job??? I'm confused. Please explain.
I, too, want to start using this feature rather than sign up and pay West/Livenote $695 to learn how to use their product.
Your laptop and the attorney's laptop.
You can bring a laptop for the attorney or simply upload Bridge from the Internet or a flash drive onto the laptop he brings.
Just reading about Bridge. The software has to be loaded on the computer that has Eclipse or whatever CAT system plus it has to be loaded onto each attorney who wants realtime hookup.
Does there have to be a bridge computer in between the two?


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