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This looks interesting....all items $39.95 with free shipping and returns.

I think I want to be a personal shopper and live vicariously through someone else's wallet. : )

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Uh oh

Uh oh…


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On the cutting edge: Phoenix Rising

I am so thankful I am learning stenography at this point in time.  From where I'm sittin, now is the ideal time to learn the new realtime theory, Phoenix theory.  Up until the very last few years, stenography writers always had a printer for the steno notes.  Not anymore.  Now laptops and a new theory have replaced the old writers and way of transcribing.  Those reporters who knew the old theory had to either learn the new technology or retire, thus opening up the profession to a new…


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I attended my first awards assembly for the winter quarter last week.  It reminded me of a pep rally a little bit.  One lady I went to class with last quarter received an award for completing TEN tests in one quarter!  Impressive and inspiring.

Our director also unveiled the new, redesigned school program.  If I wasn't at the beginning of my theory and was more along in the program, I'd probably be more than a little irritated about switchin things up midway.  We do get two weeks…


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Dear Brain

Dear Brain

You can shut up now, and let the fingers do the work for you.  The fingers are in charge now, dear brain.  Follow them, trust them.  Let the memory of their muscles guide you.  Yes brain, the fingers are not always right, but that's okay, because neither are you.  The fingers know what to do, and they can even fix their own mistakes, if you just practice.  Congratulations brain, you can take a few months off…


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When one attorney is covering for another...

How do we handle the appearance of an attorney who is only covering for another attorney? The attorney whose case it is was unable to appear and the firm sent someone else in their place. I see the original attorney's name on the service list. Do both their names go on the appearance list?

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