I have the Gemni Piper, but I haven't been thrilled with it. Is anyone thinking of upgrading to the new Revolution?

Jenny Griffin

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I saw the new Revolution this weekend at the DRA convention and it looked really interesting. I'm not familiar with the Gemini Piper. Do you know the differences or can you point me to a website? I'm on Eclispse also and the Revolution looks like it works nicely with that software. I was hesitant to know that if the computer that the machine hooks up to crashes or doesn't work and you don't have a regular laptop on you as a backup, you really can't write at all. That's a bit scary! So I'd still have to lug around my laptop to the jobs I go to. Any thoughts on this system would be appreciated before I make a decision ... it's between the Revolution and the Mira at this point.

I see it as the same as the Mira....if you go w/out a laptop with that, same thing if it does not 'work'....Right now I am using the Rev with just the tablet. Is nice going out that way. I have been on the Gemini2 since 2003 or something like that?? Got it while in school, and just worked with my laptop. I was going on jobs like that since I have been working as a CR also.


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