Does anyone have briefs for post-millenium years that include the apostrophe?

"I visited SF in '01, but moved there in '02."

I can stroke the final P before the numbers to get '01, but that's difficult most of the time.


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SPW- or SB is "int" for me....
I do SPWR-R for interior and
STR-R for exterior
Here's some that might be helpful to those of us on the border states:

GA-RS = Garcia
GA-RZ = Garza
GOE-MZ = Gomez
RA-MS = Ramos
RA-MZ = Ramirez
GO-NZ = Gonzalez or GO-NS = Gonzales
RAOE-GZ = Rodrigez
RAEU-Z = Reyes or put in an *
LOE-PZ = Lopez
POI-F = point of view
i do years with the number bar, use R if the numbers need to be reversed, U if the numbers need to be doubled, and E for the apostrophe
'01 would be 10-ER
'02 would be 20-ER
'06 would be 0E6
'77 would be EU7
it's really easy after a while

for the 2000 years i write the number with OU
2001 would be 1OU
2006 would be OU6

int is also SPW for me, so interior is SPWR-R
anything i've tried to do for exterior is so close that i just do EX/TR-R
I don't know what CAT system you're on, but in CATalyst you can define a stroke to go back to the last number you've written and apply certain formats to them, like adding a dollar sign,etc. I have a stroke that will go back and put an apostrophe in front of the last number I wrote in a file. It will search back the last number and insert the apostrophe. In Catalyst it's defined as : {Prefix Number}[']
The stroke can be anything you can think of to make it easy, maybe AP or AEP or A*P or whatever suits your needs.

Lesia Mervin
I do POE for '0, and then the number
I do yo* and then the number. It helps me when it sounds similar, and so I think of it as yo2, yo3, etc.
'01 = 10R* (R denotes reversal of numerals)
'02 = 20*
'03 = 30*
'04 = 40*
'05 = 50*
'06 = *06
'07 = *07
'08 = *08
'09 = *09
'10 = 10*
'11 = !*E (E denotes doubling of numeral)
'12 = 12*
I have a typo in my prior message -- '01 would be 10*R
The entire left upper keyboard and right upper keyboard has always been my stroke for the apostrophe before years. Weather it's pre or post-millenium years, just hit the entire upper keyboard all at once, left and right. That stroke doesn't conflict with anything else and it always worked well for me. Good luck!
Did anyone find my typo? Woops! Whether not Weather! That's what I get for typing in the dark! LOL!
SWR + -R (zero), UPB (one), AO (two), AE (three), OR (four), EUF (five), EUBGS (six), EFPB (seven), AE(G)T (eight), EUPB (nine).
just do the programming: '01 through '09
-- oh, and SWR + EPB for '010.
These are how I write just the numbers and I would follow them with a number trigger to make the apostrophe(D-GT might be the Eclipse default) ##/##/## is what it looks like, I believe.
Now that you mention it, I might put an asterisk in these outlines and use them for the apostrophe entries.
I like your picture. The shape looked snail-like. ^^


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