I went to the L.A. coroner's office on Thursday. There was a thrift shop as you pulled into their driveway. Inside the main building was a gift shop where you could buy body outline t-shirts and shorts. They had some really nice jackets w/a nice coroner's logo. They also had crime scene tape. One of the attorneys actually bought some stuff.

The lady in the gift shop said that people asked her where they got the clothes for the thrift shop. She thrift shop is not in any way affiliated with the coroner's office.

If I ever go back, I think I'll buy me some merchandise.

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I've worked there a bunch of times and I bought stuff from the gift shop for my husband. I got him the body outline T-shirt and boxers. LOL! Have you taken a depo in the library there? Kinda freaky because they have display cases like a museum with artifacts from crime scenes, cases, etc. There are old, yellowed newspaper articles in the cases with stories about murders they've worked on, and also typed up placards with info about what's in the cases such as bones or items used to solve the crime. Very interesting and a little creepy.

A month ago I worked in the main brick building you see as you enter the premises, and in the lobby by the elevator are lots of pictures showing how the complex looked back in the 1920s. Very cool!
I haven't been to a coroner’s office, nor have I been to any creepy locations, but here’s my “funniest places” story.

I arrived at a fancy hotel to take a depo in a conference room. It was a beautiful room with lovely artwork, low lighting, and many bottles of wine on the wall. Indeed it was a big room with a big table, comfortable chairs and lots of space for the videographer to set up and the five attorneys to spread out their files. After a while, I asked a hotel employee if the temperature of the room could be adjusted because we were all getting quite chilly, but more so, my fingers were freezing and I was having a hard time moving my fingers to keep up with the questions and answers. He said he didn’t know how to change the temperature and would ask the manager. The deposition continued while we waited for the employee to come back. We waited and waited and waited. Finally, I got to the point that I just couldn’t take the frostiness any longer. I was seriously beginning to shiver. The videographer offered me his leather jacket and I had to use an attorney’s suit jacket for my legs as I happened to wear a skirt that day.

The manager finally made an appearance about the temperature only to inform us that the temperature could not be adjusted because we were in a temperature-controlled room - the wine cellar! Apparently, because the wine cellar is used for wine and cheese sampling, it is technically a conference room. It was only then that everyone’s eyes were opened to just how many wine bottles there really were in the room.
The creepiest place I've ever been is this underground catacomb type thing in Sicily where they used to put all their dead people as skeletons. There's room after room of them, whole skeleton families, mom, dad and the kids, standing or lying down and dressed in their Sunday best. Court-reporting-wise, it would be getting the key to the old Salinas jail, long abandoned, flooded from rain water, the roof having mostly caved in, the old metal frames where the bunks used to be, the old urinals, plaster and junk and garbage all over the cement floors, going up to the third floor there all alone, sloshing through the filthy water cascading down the stairs, full of bird droppings, pigeons fluttering around in there, walking down the creepy littered corridor wiith my heart pounding to get to my boxes of steno notes, reaching in those boxes trying not to think about the bugs crawling on them.
THAT would be creepy!
I have done Parole Boards in Attica. We had to walk inside....deep to the left of the complex, thru a few fenced areas to get to the building. You climb stairs...there is no elevator! It was a small room and I was only about 3 feet from the inmate being interviewed.

They are now video conferenced, so I only go to facilities for depo work. My DH was VERY happy when they started the video conference! I go downtown, 15min away....whereas it was an hour or so to the facilities.

My most 'famous' was the Kojak pilot movie crime from 1963....Richard Robles.
Plus, it was one to push the Miranda rights as they arrested an African-American first. He wasn't completely cleared until 1973! Robles was arrested/convicted in 1965. He 'admitted' to the crime in his 1986 PB interview.

I missed Mark Chapman by a day. He killed John Lennon.


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