Hello, Stenovations users

I am a court reporter who is a digitalCAT trainer and Stenovations representative. I will be happy to answer any/all of your questions here.

Greta Duckett

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Go to Translator, Dictionaries. Unclick Conflict Resolution. I'm sure that's your problem.

A while back, there was some work done on a dictionary (which you can't delete out of your system -- I've tried!) called Phrases. This was going to be a part of the conflct resolution. It never quite did what it was supposed to do. So conflict resolution is on (permanent?) hold.

You're welcome :)
The manual is on the Stenovations website under Downloads. I can't call off the top of my head what the additions are. Many of the changes you may not even notice, but your software will do things a little differently.
Hi Greta, I am shopping around for a CAT software. I am a student currently doing some intern work at a freelance firm. I have passed everything except the Q&A on the RPR. I seen your ad in the JCR. I'm looking for something that is easy te set up (block pages and so forth) and economical. From what I can gather, there is no yearly support for digitalCAT. Am I right? I don't want to be caught in, "you get what you pay for" LOL
I seen on the stenovations site that there is a seminar scheduled. Where would that be located?
Right now I am using the Eclipse student version and everything is fine as far as editing and all. I feel like I've done fairly well with it until I started tyring to set up the block pages with the blanks and start making some of my pick list or drop downs of days of the weeks, months, etc. I will look forward to hearing from you soon!
Digitalcat has a yearly support fee of $350 (half of what the other software support is) after the first year when you buy it. Support is 24/7. You can lease it for $79/month for however long you wish, and support is included in that price. If you decide to buy after leasing for more than a year, you pay the price of the software minus one year's worth of $79 payments. There is a 90-day free trial period.

Stenovations will convert your dictionary and will set up your page template; you just send them a sample of your page.

Digitalcat is set up differently from Eclipse. I don't know what block pages are, and the fill-in is done differently. The schedule on the Stenovations site is free training once a month at their offices in Charleston, WV. I am in Alabama and do training, but I charge for it. What are are you in?
I currently am using the Eclipse student version which came with my theory (Stenomaster). I was in school about 20 years ago and stopped to raise my family. I joined Simplysteno, an online program that preps you for the RPR. SS was the pefect program for me.
I am interested in trying out your student version but I guess I could try the 90-day trial. My concern is that I'm no longer with SS because I have taken the RPR but I haven't passed all of it. The 225 is all I need. I'm not enrolled as a student any longer, but I'm not a working reporter either. I don't know if any of this will make any difference.
In Eclipse the block pages are the appearance page, certificate page, all of those pages that go into every transcript that you don't want to have to type up each time you do a transcript. They put what they call blanks in each of these pages so that you can fill in the information that will be different for each transcript. Are you following me? When you say "page template" are you referring to the margins, whether there's a box, header and footer type thing? Yikes, that's something else I've tried to do with Eclipse and I have about half of it the way I want it, but it's taking me forever.
Isn't Digitalcat the software that Mark Kislingbury uses? Mark is my hero. LOL
If I drop the $350 yearly support fee for a couple of years and then find myself needing help, do I have to pay for the years that I didn't have support?
Thank you for your time. I'm in Whitehall, PA. Right outside of Allentown. About an hour from Philly.
Sorry I took so long to reply! I didn't see your post until today.

The page template is the page layout -- margins, box, where your text goes, and other formatting information. What you describe as block pages are include files in digitalCAT, but they don't set up all your include files for you.

If you purchase the software and drop the support, you can pick it back up at any time. You just pay $350; you don't have to make up for time you did not have support.

Execute your command for Insert Colloquy.
To the right of the New Speaker entry box is a box that says Spaces. Put a 2 in that box. This should solve it! Let me know if that works.
Hi Greta,

I just graduated, and I am looking into the Lightspeed. Is it easy to set up because I am not good when it comes to new technology. I am on Eclipse right now. Is it hard to get use to the fact there is no screen , no notes, and also no audio sync? This is what is holding me back. I heard there is a 90 day trial period for the Lightspeed.

The LS is not too difficult to set up. Support is very helpful getting going.

There is no screen and no audio and no paper notes. There is a memory card that stores the notes. However, you will have to always be hooked up to a computer, or there is no readback.

There is a 90-day return policy on the writer. You can send it back within 90 days of purchase, but you pay a 15% restocking fee.
Thank you Greta,

Do you hook up your own audio to your computer? Do you have any complaints with the Lightspeed? I wish I could test one out first, but I do not believe there are sales reps in New York.

I realtime everything, and I use the sound sync with my software. I also have a small digital recorder, which I don't really use. I am an official, so I have a very controlled environment. If I was freelancing, I would use the digital recorder as a backup all the time, just in case!

Your state association can request Stenovations to come to your convention as a vendor.

At first, I had problems with the LS and sending information to the computer. Sometimes strokes didn't go through, but they would be on the SD card. The problem has been fixed for me. Some users are still having that problem, and it is usually a USB or power issue. Stenovations is re-doing the software to fix that. What happens is, each time you stroke, each of the sensors sends information to the computer, stroked keys and unstroked keys. In some cases, it is just too much information flowing. So they are rewriting the software to send only information from stroked keys.


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